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Commonwealth owned and operated.
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By C.O.A. Crew 07 Dec, 2017
After spending some time on figuring out just the right balance, we have been successful in creating a new home-made bun for our burgers. The end-result is a nice, soft bun with a beautiful buttery aroma.
By C.O.A. Crew 27 Sep, 2017
If you aren't familiar with C.O.A.'s signature fresh-fruit cocktails, then you don't know what you're missing. We employ a trained mixologist whose specialty is cocktails made with, you guessed it, fresh seasonal fruit. Once you try a cocktail made carefully using only the freshest, seasonal fruits, you'll never go back to cartons and cans.

You can learn more about our cocktail offerings on this Real Fruit Cocktails page.

Check back often for the flavour of the season and stop by soon for one of these delightful libations!
By C.O.A. Crew 27 Sep, 2017

Calling all Canadians in the Nagoya/Chubu region!

As you know, Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

You may also know that Canadian Thanksgiving (the 2nd Monday in October) always falls on "Sports Day" so it's a National Holiday in Japan as well.

It turns out, Coat of Arms is closed Mondays so we won't be open on the 8th, but we will be offering a Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner special from Oct. 6th (Fri) through Oct. 12th (Thu) .

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