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By C.O.A. Crew 09 Aug, 2017
If so, then C.O.A. has just the place... our insanely popular 2nd-floor party space !

Our 2nd floor boasts roughly the same space as our 1st floor and can be used for private functions from as few as 12 people up to 30 seated comfortably or 45-50 standing and mingling.

If you are planning events or parties, and need a course or buffet menu combined with an all-you-can-drink arrangement, then this is the place for you.
By C.O.A. Crew 15 Jul, 2017
In June, we held our second BBQ on the deck at C.O.A.
Just another great way to enjoy our popular al fresco dining space!

Several families came along to enjoy the day and with our indoor non-smoking policy , it meant the children were able to enjoy clean air too.
By C.O.A. Crew 19 Jun, 2017
In these days of rising prices, especially for food and drink, it is nice to be able to fill up without emptying the pocket book.

Well, Coat of Arms is here for you!
By C.O.A. Crew 23 May, 2017
June is big for rugby at COA. We will showing all the big games live, and what a choice there is!
We have Japan vs Ireland, Japan vs Romania, and Australia vs Scotland for starters!!
But the big one this summer will surely be the British Lions tour of New Zealand which includes some great Super Rugby clashes, and of course, the tests against the All Blacks. 
By C.O.A. Crew 14 May, 2017
C.O.A. relaunches (or is it, " re-lunches "?) its lunch-time service beginning Monday, May 15th. And what better time to do this than the onset of summer with perfect weather for lunch al fresco on the patio.
By C.O.A. Crew 08 Sep, 2016
Nagoya has a number of great burger shops, specializing in, well, hamburgers!
Although each person may have their own opinion as to which is the best burger in Nagoya, it really is hard to pin down exactly which is the best.
By C.O.A. Crew 15 Feb, 2016
Kilkenny is an Irish Cream Ale which originated, oddly enough, in Kilkenny, Ireland. But you can get it in Nagoya too!

Coat of Arms Pub & Restaurant is now pouring up big pints of draught (or draft) Kilkenny to our patrons who want something a lttle creamier than the usual domestic draft.
By C.O.A. Crew 10 Dec, 2015
You haven't had pizza in Nagoya until you have sampled C.O.A.'s fresh, home-made pizza!

Made from scratch in our own kitchen, our pizza starts from our very own dough which cooks up superbly in our custom pizza oven. On top of that goes our tangy tomato sauce, gooey mozzarella cheese and the toppings of your choice.
By C.O.A. Crew 01 Oct, 2014

Join us at Coat of Arms for Canadian Thanksgiving dinner!

Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday in October. 
This holiday always coincides with Sports Day in Japan, making it a long weekend, so it's easy to remember for all the Canadians over here.

Whether you're Canadian or not, stop on by for a sumptuous roast turkey dinner with all the trimmin's. A dinner that would do your mother proud!

By C.O.A. Crew 17 Mar, 2013
Friday March 15, 2013 @11:25 AM - there was a cool breeze in the air, the faint cry of a crow heard in the distance and then there was the sound of thundering hearts as our opening staff prepared for the bridge to be lowered. A few customers were already waiting at the gates, and with a loud "Irrashaimase", it hath begun! Yes, the Coat of Arms officially opened for business.

The lunch menu consisted of linguini pasta, a mozzarella specialty sandwich, hand-made pizza and a nice hearty English curry. The pace was steady and Team C.O.A. was equal to the task.

After the big hand finished a couple more laps, it was time for our evening crew to rise and shine! With the Coat of Arms full opening menu ready and our servers eager to test their training, the dam began to leak with a trickle, which turned into a small stream and ended with a full on flood of amazing people. As they say, "if you build it, they will come." Well, we did and you did! And we love you for it.
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