How Coat of Arms Came to Be

Perfect for private party events and guests speaker presentations

The concept of the Coat of Arms was born and bred right here in Nagoya. Ironically, it was brought together by a few gentlemen who grew up on opposite ends of the earth but who ended up all living here in the Shachi City.

Numerous beers, shots and cocktails were slammed, sipped, nursed and dumped in the course of what ultimately ended up becoming pre-opening research. Both in Nagoya and around the world, drinks were poured and downed in some amazing bars, pubs, clubs, patios, terraces, and yes, many dives. Yet something was missing through all the froth and feast, so we decided we would attempt to create a venue that would fill our mutual voids and stomachs.

Thus, through more extensive research, heavy bar tabs, missed trains and careful planning, the Coat of Arms was born.
Attending presentation in Nagoya
Presentation at Coat of Arms in Nagoya
Name cards for presentation attendees
Speaking event in Nagoya
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