Near Nagoya Hilton

Bar & Restaurant near Nagoya Hilton Hotel

Just a 12 minute stroll from the Hilton in Nagoya

Of all of the bars, pubs, and restaurants near the Nagoya Hilton Hotel, you will want to be sure to include Coat of Arms (C.O.A.) on your list of places to try.
There's nothing squishy, alive and crawling off the plate at C.O.A., just good ol' tastes of back home. We speak English, Japanese (and often a bunch of other languages), so we can help you ease into the local culture and maybe even give you a few survival tips.

It's less than a 10 minute walk from the Hilton, once you know your way. But if you prefer to ride, it should amount to  a minimum-fare cab ride.
Hilton Hotel near Coat of Arms Restaurant

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Coat of Arms Pub and Restaurant

(in 日本語) Chojamachi, 1 block south of Sakuraddoori, on the west side of the street, etc..
Tel: (052) 228 - 6155 
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