Nagoya's Commonwealth Pub & Restaurant

Like a British Pub... only better!

Coat of Arms can be likened to a classic British pub in terms of decor, food, and drink. Well, except that our food is fantastic. And C.O.A. is not a just another pseudo British pub. We are a Commonwealth pub. 
Our owners hail from nations of the British Commonwealth (Canada and New Zealand) and the establishment incorporates the best aspects various popular styles of eatery.

Coat of Arms Pub and Restaurant is...
  • your friendly, neighbourhood local
  • a sports bar
  • a live house
  • a gastropub
  • non-smoker friendly
  • very close to the subway
Coat of Arms Pub and Restaurant has...
  • a diverse menu of unique dishes, as well as classic choices
  • a well-stocked bar, including a wide selection of craft beers 
  • a patio for al fresco dining
  • 2 floors, including a private party space
We would like to raise our glass and welcome you to Nagoya's first Commonwealth Pub and Restaurant.
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